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Carolyne Olwande is a youth living in the heart of Kariobangi, a settlement in the ghetto areas of Nairobi County. Caroline, a mother of one, came to Nairobi to better her livelihood and is currently working at a cybercafé in the area. Despite the harsh life of the city, she decided to take in her brother due to the high rate of poverty back at home. However, like many other youths, Caroline’s brother did not have enough funding to continue his studies. Furthermore, the Kenyan curriculum (8-4-4) does not provide technical skills that the young man would make a living off.

Caroline recalls that Jitolee Voluntary Organization became a house of refuge. She came across the CEO Mr. Ben Gori, who explained what the organization does and provided an opportunity for her brother to get free technical training. Eradication of unemployment among the youth, being the major reason for the conceptualization of the Jitolee Voluntary Service Association, made it a perfect fit for Caroline’s brother’s needs. Her brother was idle at home and, due to the lack of fees, he was unable to attend school.

“I was requested to fill the registration forms and documents of identification, including my parents’ identity cards,” said Caroline.

According to Caroline, her brother is doing very well and benefiting from the Jitolee Organization programs. She says she is so glad that her brother is there learning and not idling at home. He has learned welding, some mechanical skills, and painting, and, to Caroline’s astonishment, he is at a point he can even get painting jobs.

” I am very proud,” Carolyne admitted.

She admits to being very glad that she helped her brother get on his feet. The organization provides a platform where the guardians to follow through with the youth’s progress throughout the training. This provides an all-rounded support system, where the trainers and the guardians can communicate with each other to better the development of the youths.

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