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An idea conceptualized in February of 2019, is still news to some but not to the one Mokaya Vincent, a barber from Kariobangi South. Vincent says they decided as a community of technicians under the Jitolee Organization to teach the youth their skills for Knowledge, as they say, is power. Having taught three young people so far, Mokaya admits it is not an all-cake walk journey. He mentions the lack of equipment is his major challenge.

According to the barber, he has two pieces of equipment that in time get overheated due to being overworked. As a result, the trainees have to wait for him to work to use the same equipment to train. Mokaya says that trainers sometimes have to cater to the trainee’s food despite not having a good day in sales. Some of the trainees come from very needy environments and, one cannot let them train them without some food.

Additionally, he says that it is sometimes hard to know the intentions of the trainees as some are planning to take different paths. Moreover, some of the youth plan to go elsewhere and start-up on their own without informing the organization and trainers. This results in the trainers being discouraged and the trainees lacking support. Mokaya however adds, that after he finishes training, he like other trainers, ensures their trainees graduate with jobs. This is done through the trainer’s connections or with the organization’s help.

Jitolee Organization is, therefore, depending on donations and fundraisers to seek resources to mitigate the issues of providing proper and enough equipment to trainers. In addition, looks for voluntary counselors who can provide counseling to both the youths and the trainers to work in harmony and improve their standard of living.

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