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The 1st Annual Meeting of 2022

In the spirit of giving, Jitolee Organization invited all its trainers and trainees to hear each other out and commune together. The organization believes in intrinsic forms of motivation, that is hearing the success stories of some of the students. Additionally, enrolled students to hear about those who have graduated and aspire to a higher quality of life.

On 1st March 2022, the Jitolee community assembled at their main office, in Gathiru House, and talked about some of the issues they are facing, the success stories, and their future goals. Joining the conversations were visitors Alan Braithwaite, Pat Braithwaite, David Campbell, and Amanda Campbell. They came to see how the power of community has enabled to shape the future of many young Kenyans around the community.

Our CEO, Mr. Ben Gori, was able to precede over the meeting and enabled the trainers to have a hearty talk on what they do and how they could collaborate with each other. Our Visitors were later able to hear from those present and visit some of their workstations. The trainers were glad that the visitors were able to acknowledge their efforts and persuaded the visitors to constantly visit their stations. The visitors are part of a media company called the Aid files which is geared to create short stories and videos about international aid and development.

The Aid Files team was impressed by how the power of community can create such beautiful stories. Jitolee technical trainers take in youths from low-income families and provide them with free technical skills. The number of trainees they are able to take in is highly dependent on their manpower and scale of business. So far one of the most committed trainers has had over 6 trainees who are now absorbed in the employment sector. These trainers are trained in car mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, hairdressing, construction, metal works among others.

Jitolee Organization is continuously trying to maximize its impact on the community. Currently, the organization is seeking donors to raise funds to provide trainers with better tools. Most of the Jitolee trainers are small business owners who are providing free training to these youths. This is project is necessary because workshop accidents happen and tools become broken, additionally, they are unable to take in more students due to poor machinery. The organization wants to provide essential tools to mitigate these issues and cushion the trainers to have better quality products. The Vifaa project (vifaa meaning tools in Kiswahili), is open to receiving donations from people, organizations, and other interested parties to enable more youths to have a better quality of life. Head out to our donations page for more details.

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