We've come a long way since 2019, Now here's our story.

Jitolee kenya Vision

Our Mission

Our goals/Aim

Jitolee kenya mission

Jitolee Voluntary (JVS) tackles one of the largest problem in our nation. Youth Unemployment rate is now at 65% and someone has to do something about it.

One of the ways that JSV approaches this issue is by enlightening the youth with the most basic yet powerful skills. This is the primary mission of JSV. Our mission is to empower the ordinary youth, with no prior experience nor knowledge, with hands on skills that tunes them to the entrepreneurial mindset. Using the skills they learn, they convert the knowledge to services and intern they earn a decent living.

We get the youth busy and drift them away from criminal activities. It has been our mission to provide alternatives to giving in to a thug life in the slums. Helping the youth out of poverty is a mission we must achieve because poverty is the main reason the youth engage in crime in the slums and neighborhoods.

Our Vision

What the future holds

Jitolee's Vision

Imagine a future where you can walk in any neighborhood without any insecurities. A future where innovation is a culture and invention is the norm. Independent minds, that crafts art and the technology that powers the future.

This is the vision that JSV is cultivating. We hope to fuel this vision till we have made an impact to the society, and even then our vision will have fired up.

Our vision is to better the society through empowering the youth. Productive youths who are inventors and innovators of the future.

Meet the team behind it all

Mr Ben Gori. CEO of Jitolee Voluntary Service

Ben Gori


He is the founder of Jitolee Kenya. He founded the organization in 2019.

Debbie Gitau.

Debbie Mumbi

Chief Communication Officer

Joined the Organization in 2021. She's in charge of the Organization's Presentation

Mwalimu Kabue; Chief Technical Officer at Jitolee Kenya

Mwalimu Kabue

chief technical officer

Joined Jitolee Kenya in the year 2021. He's in charge of the website and our IT department.

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